This is why you guys need Hermione.

This makes me laugh every time.

Have any of you seen my sister? The Queen of Arendelle? (x)

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Lily scene

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# look how broken she is # look at that sigh and the pain written all over face # that’s not what a girl looks like after she breaks up with someone because she wanted to # that’s what a girl looks like after she breaks the heart of the only person she will ever love # that’s what it looks like when a girl does what she thought was best and it killed her # to watch the love of her life crumble before her with each word she spoke # if you for one second think these two girls don’t love each other so much after this # you need to brush up on what true love is # my bbs are perfect


it is amazing how adults wonder why teenagers are online so much while they continually ignore and dismiss all of their thoughts and feelings. like geez i wonder why kids these days would turn to the internet, a place where they can interact with others and receive an abundance of the support and attention they lack in their daily lives

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the way she looks at her ❤️

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Lea Michele attends the Oakley Learn To Ride-Surf In Cabo San Lucas
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